Top 10 Best Inflatable Costumes For Adults – 2017 Review


The air-inflated costume or inflatable costume is a kind of costume which is inflated around the body of the wearer with the help of a battery-powered blower. It sucks air into the costume to make it inflated around the person’s body. These costumes normally stand nine to ten feet tall when inflated.
funny inflatable costume for adultsAs far as the inflated costumes for adults are concerned, we come across a large variety. There are some funny, scary or even theme based inflated costumes. It is up to you which one you think appropriate for you or your party and function.
The inflatable fancy dress costumes are very popular with kids and grown-ups as well. Net retail outlets offer a number of inflatable fancy dress costumes where you can choose one which you favor most. You are free to select your individual color and design.

For example you can go to a birthday celebration with a dinosaur inflatable costume, which will make you stand out completely from others at the party. Even your own friends and family won’t recognize who you are.

The unique designs of these costumes will have everyone screaming and laughing. The inflatable costumes are ideal for individuals who are from four ft. to six ft. in height. There are many designs and styles to choose from and you will love them all.

The inflatable fancy-dress costumes are very good for different fancy events and even competitions. They are easily worn over trousers and a vest or t-shirt.

Now we are going to review the top ten inflatable costumes for adults in 2017. Let’s begin!

Costume NameColorMaterial 
Rubie's Inflatable Minion
Stuart Costume

Professional's Choice
Yellow and Blue100% Polyester Check Price
Rubie's Inflatable Full Body
Suit Costume
100% Poly-blend Check Price
Rubies’ Jurassic World T-Rex

Editor's Choice
Brown100% Polyester Check Price
Rubies Ghostbusters Inflatable
Marshmallow Man Costume
White100% Polyester Check Price
Rubies Ghostbusters Inflatable
Slimer Adult Costume
Green100% Polyester Check Price
Rubie's Inflatable Ostrich
Pink100% Polyester Check Price
Rubie's Inflatable Sumo
WhiteNylon Check Price
Tuxedo Tux Inflatable Chub
Suit Costume
/Red/Royal Blue
Nylon Check Price
Inflatable Dinosaur T-REX Adult
Fancy Dress
Green/Red100% Polyester Check Price
Inflatable Ride Me Adult Carry
On Animal Fancy Dress

Best Value for Money
Multi100% Polyester Check Price

1. Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Minions Inflatable Minion Stuart Costume

Rubie’s Costume Company has been in the business of supplying costumes and their accessories to the world of entertainment since 1950. This very much includes the public as well. They say in their mission statement that they take very seriously, that the idea of dressing up should be fun and they are certainly true to their word!

Rubie’s are a family-owned company and are very family-oriented with their designs and styles. They can supply costumes for mascots or fun wear, shoes, masks, wigs and a host of other accessories. Also, they have the licenses to produce costumes of most of all the well-known characters that you can think of.

This costume from Rubies’ is the officially licensed minion character, Stuart. The whole package includes the inflatable costume, a jumpsuit and gloves. Shoes are not included.

It is made from one hundred percent polyester which is only suitable for washing by hand. A standard man size will fit a 42 to 44 inch chest and a 34 to 36 inch waist.

The costume is, obviously, inflatable and it should be noted that four AA batteries are required for the accompanying built-in blower, and the batteries are not included in the package.

It really is a fun costume for children’s parties, fancy dress and the like and is certainly attention-grabbing. A must-have costume for occasions such as trick or treating and other social events!

The only negative remarks that we can make are that it gets quite hot inside, the size range is somewhat limited to an average size adult and that it is difficult to eat and drink while wearing it!

A reasonable price for its quality.
Nice, colorful, attention-grabbing design.
Easy to inflate and keep inflated.
Comfortable to wear.
Can get quite warm inside while wearing it.
The range of size is quite limited.
Difficult to eat and drink whilst wearing.
Batteries not included.

2. Rubie’s Inflatable Full Body Suit Costume

This inflatable costume is another one from Rubies’, the world leaders in fancy dress costumes and accessories. but of a somewhat more basic design this time.

The Rubie’s Inflatable Full Body Suit Costume is made from one hundred percent poly blend and, again, is only suitable for hand-washing.

It is basically an all-in-one jump suit and the full outfit comes complete with hood, socks and gloves, all in matching colors.

There are a variety of colors available, such as red, blue, green, black, orange, yellow and purple. It is a one size fits all jump suit.

The suit is inflated using the built-in blower, powered by four aa batteries which are not included in the package.

The blower must be installed by an adult, for the sake of safety, but it is very easy to set up and get working.

This is another really fun suit from Rubies’ and is suitable for all sorts of events such as fancy dress parties, Halloween and fun runs or charity marathons, even! It is certainly eye-catching and on some occasions, such as Halloween, can be suitably scary!

Taken for granted that the Full Body Suit Costume is indeed entertaining to wear, we noticed that it gets a bit hot and sweaty inside and that the air pump, occasionally, keeps falling off of his pants. These are fairly minor details, however.

The ‘one size fits all’ seems to be a fairly accurate description, even for really big people, the costume will stretch to the required size. The legs could be a bit short for a tall person but socks are supplied with the suit anyway.

Quite a reasonable price range.
Available in many different colors.
One comfortable size really does fit all.
Easy to fit and to blow up and keep inflated.
A great fun and hilarious-looking suit.
Gets a bit hot and sweaty whilst wearing it.
Air blower maybe could fit better.
Batteries not included.

3. Rubie’s Costume Co Men’s Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume

This is a fantastic inflatable costume and again comes from the world leaders in fancy-dress costumes, Rubie’s.

As we already know, Rubie’s provide licensed character costumes and accessories and this one is the officially licensed Jurassic World T-Rex costume.

It is made from one hundred percent polyester and is only washable by hand. The costume comes in one size only and will fit a 42 to 44 inch chest and a 34 to 36 inch waist, so it is about the size of an average man.

People and children of other sizes can wear it, though. It is easily inflated by a battery-powered fan and deflates just as easily.

Four AA batteries are required for the fan, and they are not included in the package. It is available in a variety of different colors.

This really is a fantastically funny costume from Rubies’ and can provide hours of entertainment for both the wearer and onlookers alike.

It is absolutely great for all the usual events and social occasions such as fancy-dress parties, children’s parties, trick or treating, fun runs and a whole host of other occasions.

The only minor negative comment we can do is that it can be a bit difficult to get into and the head tilts back if you run whilst wearing it! But this sounds really funny in itself! All in all, this costume is a big hit anyway with almost everybody.

Available at a very low and reasonable price.
Available in a variety of colors.
Very easy to inflate, deflate and keep inflated.
An absolutely great fun, inflatable costume.
Slightly difficult to get into until you are used to it.
The head tilts back when you run in it!
Batteries for blower not included.

4. Rubie’s Ghostbusters Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Adult Costume

We are still staying with Rubie’s for the next inflatable costume which is the officially licensed Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man adult costume.

Those of you who have seen the film Ghostbusters will no doubt remember the character, Stay Puft Marshmallow Ma, who is one of the main antagonists of the Ghost buster team. Well now, Rubies’ have come up with the officially licensed inflatable costume for this particular character.

The costume is made from one hundred percent polyester and you must either hand wash it or spot clean, whichever is desirable at the time.

The whole ensemble includes an inflatable jumpsuit with a detachable headpiece, gloves and a battery-powered fan for inflation.

This takes 4 AA batteries which are not included. The only available color is white and the costume is available in either a child or adult size.

This is another one of Rubies’ really fun inflatable costumes and, again, it is suitable for all sorts of occasions. Children’s parties, fancy-dress parties, fun runs and so on.

You could even get your whole family or group of friends to dress up in the Ghostbuster theme with some of the other costumes that are available from Rubies’, which we will look at soon.

On the other hand, we had to notice that the costume was a bit snug on a very large person and also that the seams needed reinforcing because of this. The material looks very cheap and thin, too.

Reasonable price at the bottom end of the scale.
Different sizes available.
Easy to inflate, keep inflated and deflate.
Comfortable and easy to wear.
Nice, fun costume.
Not so reasonable at the top of the price range.
A bit tight on a large person.
Looks like made of cheap material.
Batteries not included.

5. Rubie’s Ghostbusters Inflatable Slimer Adult Costume

Yet again, we are still with Rubie’s inflatable costumes and we are also staying with the Ghostbusters theme. Fans of Ghostbusters will remember Slimer who was also known as Little Spud or Onion head.

In the film he was made up entirely of green ectoplasm and he was the first ghost to be captured by the Ghostbuster team.

Now, from Rubies’, we have the officially licensed Slimmer inflatable costume. It is made from one hundred percent polyester and is hand-washable only.

The whole package includes an inflatable jump suit, a headpiece, separate sleeves and gloves. The battery-powered fan that inflates the suit is included but the four AA batteries that power it are not.

The standard adult size will fit an average sized man. The only available color is green but that figures as that is the color that Slimer is!

So, once again, get ready to party in this Ghostbuster themed inflatable costume. It is suitable for all the occasions such as Halloween, children’s parties, fancy-dress parties, fun runs and so on.

This inflatable costume from Rubies’ is not as popular as some of their others but the inflatable Slimmer still looks like a great buy and the costume seemed to serve its purpose well. The only few downsides mostly concern the quality of the material and also the size.

Apparently very large people may not be that comfortable in it and it could be too big for very small people.

This is a cheap and cheerful inflatable costume that can be added to the Ghostbuster ensemble within your family or group or can be worn individually. The choice is yours!

A very reasonable price.
A fun and attention-grabbing costume material.
Easily inflated and deflated.
Comfortable to wear as long as it fits!
Unexpensive and cheerful.
Some concerns about cheapness.
Also some concerns about the sizing for the larger and smaller people.
Batteries not included.

6. Rubie’s Inflatable Ostrich Costume

So we are still continuing with Rubies’ inflatable costumes but we are now moving away from the Ghost buster themed costumes.

It has got to be said that this inflatable ostrich costume from Rubie’s is absolutely hilarious. It will go down a complete storm at any function whether that is a children’s party, a fancy-dress party or practically any social gathering that you can think of.

These sorts of costumes go down particularly well on fun runs and charity races. Everyone must have seen runners dressed in this ostrich costume in most of the marathons that are run.

Again, the costume is made from one hundred percent polyester which is only hand-washable. It is a one-piece costume and is designed with legs to put your legs into and also inflatable legs that wrap around your waist and the ostrich head and neck. For anyone who hasn’t seen this, it gives the effect that you are riding an ostrich! Very funny to see, indeed!

There is a blower supplied which is powered by four AA batteries which are not supplied. The color of the ostrich body is pink and the legs that wrap around your waist are blue. There are also black ‘feathers’ on top of the ostrich body. There is a standard adult size which fits up to a 42 inch chest.

Among its cons, we could include the doubtful quality of the material, that it’s difficult to move in and that it uses up a lot of batteries. Sometimes there could be some small trouble with the fan but maybe that is just bad luck.

A very cheap and cheerful costume.
Easy to inflate and deflate.
Comfortable to wear.
May be made of cheap material.
Awkward to move about in.
There could be some trouble with the pump.
Batteries not included.

7. Rubie’s Inflatable Sumo Costume with Battery Operated Fan

So, still with Rubie’s and yet another inflatable costume that is bound to get everyone laughing and make any event super funny. In our opinion this is another one of those costumes that you can’t help laughing at as soon as you look at it.

Once again, it is suitable for all those fun occasions such as fancy-dress parties, children’s parties, fun runs, trick or treating and so on. Get this inflatable sumo costume and prepare yourselves for a lot of laughs!

This inflatable sumo costume is made from nylon and you are advised to only spot clean it as and when necessary. It is made up of a headpiece and an inflatable jump suit.

There is only one color available and that is stated as being ‘sumo’, whatever that is! It looks like a sort of off-white color. There again, a sumo in different colors would probably not look right at all!

There is a battery-powered fan included in the package, as usual, and also as usual the four AA batteries are not included! Apparently, the one size available fits most adults and teens.

It seems that the Rubie’s Inflatable Sumo Costume is actually a big hit with nearly everybody. The ‘one size fits all’ is not something to complain about and it really does seem to fit people of most sizes.

We are a bit concerned about the quality of workmanship and pieces missing from the package. This, however, cannot really be put down to the costume itself. That could have been, again, bad luck from the purchaser.

A very reasonable price.
A great looking costume which will be a lot of fun for everyone involved with it.
Very easy to inflate and deflate.
Comfortable to wear for people of most sizes.
It may raise some complaints about the quality of workmanship.
Only one color available – white.
Batteries not included.

8. Tuxedo Tux Inflatable Chub Suit Costume

So now, moving completely away from Rubie’s, we have the Tuxedo Tux Inflatable Chub Suit Costume. Rubies’ seem to dominate the market when it comes to inflatable fancy-dress costumes but there are others out there and we will take a look at some of those now.

This inflatable tuxedo tux costume certainly looks a lot of fun and, again, is one of those inflatable costumes that you can’t help but laugh at.

It is probably best suited for fancy-dress parties but, saying that, it will still be a lot of fun at other social occasions and you can just as easily see someone wearing this costume on a fun run or trick or treating.

The suit is made from a sturdy plastic material that is very durable, apparently. There is a somewhat unnecessary warning to keep it away from fire, however!

The whole ensemble comes complete with a top hat, a mask, gloves and socks. There is also the obligatory battery-powered fan without the four AA batteries required to work it.

This suit is available in a variety of colors which are black, orange, green, blue and red. It is advertised as one size fits all and is also unisex!

Very occasionaly we found things such as the fan not working or a broken zipper. Once again, it could have been just a matter of bad luck with some particular purchases.

A very reasonable price range.
A fun-looking and well designed costume.
Easy to inflate, keep inflated and deflate.
Available in a variety of striking colors.
Available in adult and teen sizes.
Made from sturdy material.
Faulty parts appeared in some packages.
Batteries not included.

9. Toloco Inflatable Dinosaur T-Rex Adult Fancy Dress Costume

We are back to the dinosaur costumes now and this is a great one from Toloco which certainly looks like a lot of fun! Just looking at it is bound to create a lot of mirth and laughter.

It is a costume that is suitable for many social and fun occasions, fancy-dress parties, children’s parties, trick or treating and, of course, fun runs and charity runs.

It is made in the same style as the inflatable ostrich from Rubies’ that we looked at earlier. That is to say, when you are wearing it, it looks like you are riding a dinosaur. Great fun!

This inflatable T-Rex dinosaur is made from one hundred percent polyester and is available in two colors, green or red. The red costume is slightly more expensive as it has some additional horns on the dinosaurs head.

The package comes complete with a blower for inflation. This runs on the usual four AA batteries which, of course, are not included. The manufacturers do warn that you must use AA batteries or the costume will not remain inflated.

It comes in one size fits all which will fit an average size adult but it seems that as long as you are not too small or large, it will fit you.

The Toloco Inflatable Dinosaur T-Rex might raise some doubts about the quality of the material and the noise of its fan. Just a quick warning to the purchaser: the fan had to be kept on all the time to keep the costume inflated!

A cheap and cheerful costume.
Easy to inflate and deflate.
Great fun to wear and look.
One size fits all.
Comfortable to wear for most sizes of people.
The material may not be of highest quality.
The blower can be considered noisy.
Batteries not included.

10. Bodysocks – Inflatable Ride Me Adult Carry On Animal Fancy Dress Costume

Now in this range of costumes from Bodysocks Fancy Dress there are whole arrays of inflatable costumes available. It has to be said that some of them are so ridiculous that they are hilarious!

There are costumes such as a ballerina, a bee, a rabbit, a chicken, a cowboy, a dragon and a whole host of others. There are a total of thirty-one inflatable costumes available in this range.

Some of them are of the full body suit style and others are of the ride-on style, where it looks as if you are riding the particular animal.

Our favorites were the panda and the muscle man. Both of these costumes have to be seen to be believed! Absolutely hilarious!

These inflatable costumes are great fun for all the social events such as fancy-dress parties, children’s parties and, of course, fun runs. Most of them will go down an absolute storm wherever they are worn and are sure to bring a lot of laughs for everyone involved. You really can’t go wrong with one of these costumes, whatever the occasion.

The costumes are made of durable material and come with the usual battery-powered blower, without the four AA batteries required. The manufacturers claim that the suit will stay inflated for up to seven hours.

The suits are available in ‘one size fits all’ and a host of different colors, depending on which particular costume you buy.

On the whole, it is not hard to be happy with this particular inflatable ride me costume. Just to be picky, we did notice the noise of the fan and the costumes not staying inflated.

Very good cheap price.
Many lovely and hilarious costumes available.
Great fun to wear and for onlookers.
Easy to inflate and deflate.
One size fits all.
The fan is considered to be too noisy.
Costume may be deflating at times.
Batteries not included.

Wrapping it Up

So there we have it! Your complete guide to ten of the best inflatable costumes available for the year 2017. Actually, there are more than ten if you include the vast array of costumes available from Bodysocks!

funny inflatable costume for party halloweenAll of these costumes are a great deal of fun and will bring hours of entertainment to you and all the people around you when you are dressed up in one of them.

With the summer months coming along soon, we all know that it is the time for garden parties, fairs, fun runs and many more social occasions where these costumes will go down a storm.

Though, saying that, they are still great fun when the weather is not so good and can easily be worn at indoor functions such as Christmas parties and fancy-dress parties.

So just take a look at our selection and decide for yourself which one you think will suit you or your children best. There are many to look at so take your time and, with our guide, we hope that you can make an informed decision.

It has to be said that most of these inflatable costumes are available at a very reasonable price, so if you don’t like one particular costume, then you can always choose another one. You could even have a whole collection for the whole family or all of your friends could buy different ones for when you go to a function.

The important thing to remember is that these costumes are meant to be fun and you really can’t help but see the funny side of them. Everyone will be impressed and are sure to want one for themselves when they see you in your inflatable costume.

So, take a good long, hard look at our guide and then make your choice. It won’t be easy with so many to choose from but we are sure that you will find one that suits you in the end. Enjoy yourself looking and then go and enjoy yourself wearing it. We wish you lots of fun in the choosing and the wearing of it!

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