funny inflatable costume for party halloween
The air-inflated costume or inflatable costume is a kind of costume which is inflated around the body of the wearer with the help of a battery-powered blower. It sucks air into the costume to make it inflated around the person’s body. These costumes normally stand nine to ten feet tall when inflated. As far as the […]

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our top 10 reviews of sofa couch and bouncer
It may be hard to believe right now, but summer is soon going to be with us. Yes, in a few short months we will have forgotten all about the snow, ice, rain and cold wintry days and our thoughts will be turning towards our summer holidays, days out or […]

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our review and guide for the best inflatable boats in 2017 1
When you look out of your window, right now, and look at the weather – all snow, ice, wind and rain – it may be hard to believe, but summer will be with us before we know it! With summer come thoughts of long, warm, balmy days, days out and […]

Best Inflatable Boats in 2018 – Our Review and Guide

top 10 best inflatable water slides for 2017
  So, here’s the beginning of 2018 and many people’s thoughts will already be turning to summer when we can put those long, dark nights behind us and spend some of our free days, enjoying the nice weather, in the garden and at other outdoor social events. We can start […]

The Best Inflatable Water Slides Review Guide in 2018